What infections can you expect in European Airports in 2020?

Are there risks of epidemics breaking out in the holliday season in Europe in 2020?

Incidentally, it remains difficult to prove causality, because Western Europeans will travel so often to tropical countries in 2020.

Infections present in Europe through tourism are West Nile Fever, dengue fever (dengue), infections by ricketsiae, and not to be missed: Entamoeba histolitica.

What deseases are unlikely to contaminate European Airports?

You shouldn’t immediately fear Ebola either. HIV, that depends on which cup you put your cookie on … AND then you are more likely to have hepatitis B or C.

Can traveling within Europe be a health risk too?

The ecology of Europe is changing. In 2020 we are getting more and more risk of a local fox tapeworm infection (never eat low blackberries in an area where foxes live).

Can I eat fresh fish in Europe in 2020?

There is also the herring worm that you can incur when eating Dutch or Danish “maatjes” or raw herring.

There is Listeria in 2020 that can also occur in smoked fish (!!!) Not only artisannal French or Italian cheese or dried meat products are known to possibly contain since long Listeria.

Is there a risk of Cholera or Typhus in Europe in 2020?

Cholera, typhoid fever and plague will stay out of Europe for the time being. There was a Cholera outbreack in Algeria in 2019 through vegetables irrigated with contaminated sewage water of toilets.

Zika virus could always be related to traveling in South America. Europe is endemic Zika free in 2020.

Pork is relatively safe in Europe in 2020 … even for roundworms … (Relative !!! ).

What will be the risk of Lime disease or Borelliosis travelling in 2020 in Europe?

Borreliosis (Lyme disease) is also on the rise again in Souther Belgium, France, Germany. Never walk barefeet or with sandals in grass during the 2020 summer if foxes or wild boar are known in the area. We advide high walking shoes with high socks or high walking boots or wellies. Neoprene wellies are easier to walk on long distances in nature. Not all teaks are contaminated with Lime disease. If you see after a bite a double circle around the biting area within 2 days you should consult a doctor for Pcr diagnosis of Borellia.

Is there a risk of Tuberculosis in Europe?

Tuberculosis fast testing with Ultra sensitive ELisa

Worse is tuberculosis in Eastern, Western Europe, India and Noth Africa. Both Mycobacterium tuberculosis and M. bovis appear to be in resurgence in 2020. Tuberculosis strains are often antibiotic resistant and a Gentaur spoligotyping test can very fast determine what antibiotic to take.

How often do I have to wash my hands traveling in Europe?

Imortant to know: every bacterium has a ‘porte d’entrée’, a minimal infectious population of intake (which is in combined to the individual immunity of ‘the victim). Washing more often your hands when traveling through European Airport Hubs is advisable in 2020.

With staphylococci and streptococci & co, the minimal number of bacteria that can only infect you are quite high: 10 e3 to 10 e5. Less than 1000 to 100 000 bacteria wil not infect you. Washing hands often is advised because Staphylococcus Aureus or the hospital bacteria is getting more and more antibiotic resistant. Multi Drug Resistant S. Aureus is especially dangerouse when you are travelling with an open wound. Cover the wound and wash your hands often.

For Mycobacteria you need only 1 (one) bacterium to get infected. Especially dangerouse after your trip because they take a long time to come to symptoms … But then you are really in trouble.

This aricle is written by:

Lieven Gevaert, bio-engineer at Gentaur Institute and frequent traveller.

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  1. Hpv is growing in Bulgaria through short relationships. Listeria is rare but there are cases of “sirene” containing Listeria. It’s a local feta chease. The tap water is drinkable and generally speaking safe in Bulgaria.

  2. When I go abroad, my first rule is not to drink tap water. Not because of pathogenic bacteria, but because of a different composition of the bacteria at all. Diarrhea when you go to sunny beaches is not what I would like to remember. The second rule is to take a few diarrhea tablets with you, which can save your life. In addition, having activated carbon with you is always a good idea.


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