Capilia TB Neo test

What is sputum smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis?

Smearnegative patients can yield positive cultures TB! But sometimes they remain also culturally negative.

What is the color of sputum in tuberculosis?


Greeny or bloody red like in the case of Frederic Chopin who died from Tuberculosis after years of melancholic struggle.

What is sputum negative tuberculosis?

These people still have Tuberculosis but they are less infectious to other people.

Why is there blood in sputum in tuberculosis?

When a cough stays for 3 weeks or more you may consider a tuberculosis test. Especially when coughing blood

Capilia TB neo has the fastest and easiest 2 laboratory test instruments for sputum test for tuberculosis, sputum smear microscopy.

Sputum pcr test can be done with DeepChek-TB

Sputum decontamination methods for mycobacterium tuberculosis are done with javel water.

Sputum culture for tuberculosis with Himedia culture media for sputum smears and cultures and sputum collection for tuberculosis:

The different test available are:

capilia tb neo test
capilia tb test
capilia tb identification test

Tauns 2020 TB Neo automation.

Other Capilia tests are available:

ABL alternatively supplied a qPCR (2020) DeepCheck for Tuberculosis:

How is the DeepCheck workflow?

DeepCheck DR Resistance test.

Genprice Spoligotyping test.

This is still the fastest and best TB antibiotics resistance testing pcr kit.

If you have questions about the best available TB checks call the Genprice staff or your local Distributor:

EMEA: Djou Ounasis , Pharmasist Assistent Professor of Analytical Chemistry

US: Mariya Yordanova, PhD Bacteriology.